A Love Story

I’ve spent a few days denying what my heart is saying. Mostly due to the fact my brain gets in the way more often than not.

Is it easier to get lost in dreamy classical music and versions of a memory then face the day?

I have found memories out of little things that I have felt from you, moments. These moments have been vibrating through me ever since we touched. A dramatic feeling of a kiss that we have held for moments and I can feel the breath rush in and out of my mouth as we touch each other for the first time.

Once upon a time you showed up at my door. Smartly dressed, suspenders and all, you came to see if you could rent a room. Fresh out of a relationship, you were looking for something that would suit your needs. Solace, a quiet space to rest as well as an exuberance of entrepreneurial energy. Every single person that has stepped across that threshold brought something special to this home and the energy you brought, I never realized how it would blossom and transform my life.

You gently melded your quiet self into the space. A couple of pots and pans, a waffle maker and nothing much more than that. You liked your coffee strong and assertive. It started out as black with a little sugar, or honey or whatever was in the cupboard and since a splash of fresh cream or milk makes you happy. You were very quiet unless you had a young lady over and when you first came into my life, that happened more regularly. I would hear you take these young women with strength and energy and you would fuck them over and over again until they cooed like a pigeon.

The following mornings these young ladies would gently slip downstairs and chat with me, getting a cup of coffee or a little bite, some energy to encourage them along their day.

Sometimes you would bring home a lady that wanted to talk with me all night long, they would find their way into my bed to speak about dreams and ideas… projects. and of course, you. They wanted me to tell them about you, what could they do to get closer. To quote you, patience and persistence.

And now I love you…. So much so that I want to put your cock into my mouth whenever I can. The thought of this firm, thick and delicious cock drives my pussy wild as I sit here and write this in the tub. I am shy with you though, and I can’t understand why… There is something that slows me down. I have always been the boss, and there is something that has shifted with you. Not in a bad way, in a new way. A new slow rising tide of pleasure.

I like to fuck in the morning as soon as I open my eyes and my favourite moment with you, well one of them is when you just find your way inside of me and fill me up with your cock as soon as you wake. You stink like work and thoughts of your previous day. You have not a very strong sense of smell so sometimes I am curious if you know what you smell like. You smell like cum. Cum I want to fill every part of my body with. I want to tease just the top of your cock until you finally make a small sound. You let that sound escape from your lips like a little treasure. Gentle gestures with my mouth, as I get your head more and more wet. I dip and lick all over your cock and watch you quietly trying to work with your vibe so I can get to know you better. I want to provide more pleasure then you have ever experienced. I want you to feel it deep inside of you even if I am only touching just the tip of your cock. Do you want to fill my mouth with cum? Or do you want to shoot it deep inside of me.

Can we run away together?

I have been trying not to fall in love with you, not need or want you… do you know how hard you are making it?

The Ripple Effect, Chapter 1

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