Before I even knew you, I knew you were an asshole. My best friend had always spoken about you that way, and you are her fucking brother…

Some guy, average height, average weight, average personality with bleach blond hair. From the sun, not a box. A small town guy with a thirst for travel and adventure, you had found a job that let you explore warmer climates and save some cash. Maybe you wanted to buy a house, maybe you wanted to sail around the world. I had no idea because you were too much of an asshole to actually say anything straight forward. The thing is, going in, knowing you were an asshole made me want 2 things.


to be an asshole to you


to fuck you

A note on 1.

I have never been overly competitive (I type this knowing I am super competitive in pretty much everything and you were challenging me, aggressively). What I am saying is, I like to play dumb, less bullshit. There is something about a man that has a ton of attitude. Attitude confused as confidence, or maybe it’s confidence confused with attitude. How often did I hear you say something like, I am smarter than everyone. That is fucking stupid. I am always right.

Come on, for fuck sake. really? Is that how this conversation is going to go? That shit drives me crazy and basically makes me want to tie you up and beat the shit out of you. Your attitude drives so so fucking insane it takes every shred to be as cool as a cucumber close to you. I want you to stand up, face to face with me and I want to choke you until you fall down.

A note on 2.

Which than, in turn makes me want to fuck you. This is the part I hate about myself sometimes. The desire of someone so wrong for me. Someone there would be no possible future with. Someone who only cares when I care for them. no thanks. I’ve done this once before.¬†¬†Only once before have I let myself ignore all the blatant warning signals to engage with that other person who made me feel a complete 50/50 split of lust and disgust.

( you know who you are )

You are cruel, selfish and spoiled. Don’t you think it’s your turn to get a a taste of how you make others feel?

I want you to look in my eyes as I push you down to your knees in front of me. I am in charge of you now. I will be controlling how you behave. You have to shut your fucking mouth now. That is, unless I need your mouth somewhere. Hey asshole, take your shirt off, why don’t you show me how manly you are. Let me see your strong arms and chest, I want to lick my finger and flick your nipple. I know, doing this, will piss you off. You do know that is what I am trying to do right? Piss you off until you can’t handle it anymore. I am tying your hands behind your back, I am tying them with some stupid shirt that was lying in your filthy apartment. Clean the fuck up why don’t you.

I’ve tied up your hands, you are grinning at me in a half cocked sort of way, you want to stay strong and you don’t know what the fuck I am going to do to you. You know that really soft spot behind my knees? that place that you have probably never even thought of? I am going to turn around and you are going to kiss me there. I want you to pretend you actually care about turning me on. Kiss me there, lick me there. Slowly. Drag your tongue up from the back of my calf to the bottom of my thigh. Feel the goosebumps growing on my flesh. If you don’t see them showing themselves, you are a fucking idiot. I would expect nothing less. You see how you have to put yourself in an uncomfortable position to make me feel good? Why don’t you embrace that for a minute. I usually bend to make you feel good now I need you to bend towards me. Maybe you whisper to me, ” can I kiss you back?” I allow you to do that, you kiss me at the base of my spine, just where my cheeks curve to support a hardworking strong back you have never noticed before. Wait, there is something you have never seen before there…… two tiny dimples, the size of dimes, just tucked to the left and right of where you first put your mouth. You lick your lips and dip the tip in each tiny divet. Almost surprised at yourself… make a sound. A tiny sound. You are taking a deep breath of my back and curling your tongue in anticipation of more taste. oh, what a surprise asshole. Are you not getting an idea yet? There is more than just me opening my mouth and you cumming in it.

Something has happened. You are acting strangely. I am supposed to be the one in charge of you, but you are confused and curious. Can you get on your knees with me? I want to see something. These are the strange words coming out of your mouth. I don’t know what to say, so I do. Your hands still tied behind you, and you are prone behind me. Your body is sort of lying on mine and you are rubbing your chest on my back. Inching it’s way along, letting me know you can create friction with my body. Fuck! fuck fuck..


stop, how is this changing, how are you in charge again. I’m melting. you. are melting me. Fuck you

I stand up, push you on your side on the ground, and than I see you. it, whatever you want to call it. You’re a fucking asshole. You actually care. Where was that when I met you? Why did it take this? Me being mad with you, telling you to go fuck yourself, telling you to go to hell, drop the attitude and just get to know me.

I’m going to untie you, why don’t you show me how much of an asshole you can be.

don’t tell your sister.




My Best friends Brother