Someone had told me there was this really beautiful man out in the country that was opening up a chocolate shop. I was intrigued and had a day off so why not take a drive through the countryside and check it out. I found you in a the back of a smaller shop and introduce myself, I think you were surprised to see me. We had met, once before in a group setting that I had forgotten about. You later would describe me as this young little upstart in the kitchen scene, flying my middle finger in the air with an aura of confidence yet a touch of vulnerability. A gentle layer of intimidation that still affects you to this day. You had just taken over this little shop and you were getting ready to make it your own. You moved around the space with pride and excitement, there was a lightness in your step as you gushed out all the ideas you had to settle in and improve the space. It was inspiring to talk to you about your dreams that were becoming a reality. At that moment, my dreams started including me licking chocolate off the tips of your fingers and swirling my tongue around your tight hard nipples as you pull out your spray gun and started loading it up to cover me in chocolate……. I’ll talk about that later.

We flirted pretty heavily with each other, which we still do and we decided to get together and go for dinner.

Our first date was hot. The food was hot and we were hot for each other.

I asked you recently if you would tell me about the first time we got together……So this story, is written by us both love……

I was enamoured by you. you could rock out with the boys, yet there was this great gentleness about you. a soft touch, a soft voice and a laissez faire attitude. I’m not the most confident guy when it comes to women, and I was intimidated by you, but something about you gave me the confidence to ask you out

we sat by the window, close to the front door…..

 It was truly what an example of a perfect first dinner date……both of us having a crush on each other, loving the food, not letting conversation drop..

I loved then, and still do, the way we flirt with each other…..

 we had flirted before our first date, we flirted a lot at dinner that night….

you brought me to your bedroom……we were both completely disheveled

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to spank anyone before you……

I remember being in your bed, on top of you, sliding inside you….and the way you were talking in my ear….

 it still gives me chills!!!!

..into your tight wet pussy….

you asked me to fuck you slow and deep, and I did.
I wanted you to spank me, and you were shy about it at first, but than developed a strong rhythm of reminding me that you were in charge of our pleasure that night.
That wasn’t going to be the last time we fucked.
The morning after you left, I was left with the strong first memory of you nice big cock filling me up and I started to let my mind wander to the next time. You had this chocolate spray gun, and I wanted you to melt the sweetest chocolate, fill it up and just slowly start to cover my body in a light coating of couverture.  Imagining it dripping down my breasts to the tip of my nipples and touching it to your lips so you can taste the combination of my skin and that sweet chocolate. I wanted you to tie my hands behind my back and coat my throat and face in as much sticky chocolate that you could spray on me. Spin me around and bend me over, and cover my ass in sprinkles… maybe a little gold foil on the tip of my nipples…. I got excited thinking about you spanking me hard and than pulling me into you lap while you guide your cock inside of me. Now all I can think of is you filling me with your cock and spreading chocolate all over my wet body. Long, slow, deep strokes and you gently help me bounce on top of your cock. I am squeezing my pussy muscles as I bounce up and making us both groan. I put my finger in your mouth and you lightly suck off the chocolate that you sprayed there. I dip my finger into my pussy this time and you lick even more greedily….
A quick flip and I am on my knees again, (you know how I like it this way) and you are plunging your cock inside of me so deeply I gasp out loud. Over and over you are fucking me and fucking me, bending me as far as I can go to get as deep inside of me as you can. I can feel your deep breath on the back of my neck as you whisper how good my wet pussy feels and how much you love being inside of me. My breath becomes shallow as I rock back on your cock with every push you give. We are both working for this and I think we will cum together. We do, you pull out your cock and cover my ass in cum yelling from your belly as you do. I am sighing and moaning in a pool of melted chocolate and sprinkles…… You pick me up and carry me to the bathroom, time to clean off your beautiful body and start again. Maybe this time………A coconut oil massage to start.


Mr. DFT.