Leaning back into you as you touch my pussy so gently, in slow long strokes up and down. Dipping inside ever so quietly just to say hello. Remind me that you are holding me, building my slow pleasure bit by bit.  A little splash of water on my pussy mixes with the wetness I have made for you. Steam is building on the window as I watch the leaves turn and twist in the breeze outside. gentle, gentle, more gentle. You have your left are around me and slowly raise it to fasten your strong hand around my neck. This blending of gentle strength stirs me so strongly. I am moaning so quietly I am almost purring… a constant gentle moaning. That grip gets me every time. You whisper in my ear, telling me how sexy I am, how you can’t wait to rub your cock all along the slit of my pussy and tease me with that thick head until I am begging to be filled by you. I am clenching your fingers with my pussy, sliding more and more all over your hand. You hold me tightly in place by my neck, a chain of fingers own me, motivate me to cum. The tightness around my throat and the softness of your hands on my pussy.

You pause…..

Pulling me out of the tub, you push me onto the floor, I feel the soft fabric under my hands, everything is heightened. The smell of you, the steam has made it hazy, my eyes are softened and bright, diluted. You are crawling over me, sliding your cock up and down, spanking me with it. Shaking it like a jewel over my ass. I reach underneath and feel your smooth balls full of cum aching and heavy. Your cock slips in and you are filling me to the brink with your thick cock. The sound of it sliding in and out of my wetness is pushing me over the edge. Harder , harder. I want you to cum deep inside of me. I love when you cum so deeply inside of me.  I can carry you around for the day…..feeling you spill out a little at a time. Savouring your jus…..

A roar comes out of your mouth, and you plunge so deeply inside of me I gasp and scream, tears start running down my cheeks as I shriek with the most powerful orgasm running through my body like lighting. You don’t stop, you keep thrusting and filling me as the cum seeps out of me and covers us both.

I love bath time.


bath 1

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