When you feel that, I want to fuck the shit out you feeling, when you see someone; its hard to deny. It almost feels like you have been starving to death until you can taste this person in your mouth. Taste yourself on their lips… taste their cum as you breathe out after they leave your body. You have already imagined biting where their shoulder attaches to the neck and leave a small but fervent mark to remind them you’re still hungry. Constantly thinking about when next, he will show up, push you onto your knees and take what he wants from you.. A sweet offering, often a small sugary treat is presented to engage your senses… Something warm, small.. likely fresh from a warm oven. The thin sugary skin cracks under your teeth and your mouth is gently filled with a rush of chocolate. Still warm, so silky and soft. The warmth in your mouth travels down your throat and your nipples perk upwards, almost looking at him. The slow warm feeling keeps spreading down your body and you can feel his hands slide up to meet the warmth of your hips and small of your back. His hands spread around you and pull you close as he licks at the side of your mouth. A few small crumbs have been left. Large hands, push you backwards and you almost trip, drunk on chocolate and how big he is. You can feel his size enveloping you and you just want to give in. Lost in drinks of his kisses, the touch of his lips on your mouth.. are cruel and sweet at the same time. You can feel the tenderness lying underneath this touch. Your heart beats more slowly and you kneel before him to worship his cock… all you want it to feel it push into you and you want it to push into you anywhere it can. His look is soft but serious and he is here to fill your mouth. Fill you however he can. His thick beautifully formed cock, pushes past your lips and a shaking sigh breaks out of his mouth. He is just as starving as you are. His cock scrapes the side of your mouth as he pushes it faster and farther into you. Your lips are shining with spit and you can taste pre cum… just a taste. Both of his hands are pulling your head back and forth and his hips move more and more tightly as you can feel his cock continue to grow in your mouth. He pulls out, looks down and lifts you to his face, gently probing your mouth with his tongue and tasting both your sweet spit and his juicy cock. Your pussy drips down your thighs as his hand runs up the inside to catch every drop with his fingers. He leans into the wall with you and with his right hand lifts your left leg and shoves his thick dripping cock deep inside of you. It curves up into you as he starts to thrust deeper and harder. Your mouth opens and you start moaning as wave after wave of pleasure rolls through your body. You are fucking up against the wall so tightly, and grabbing each other looking for as much of each other as possible. grabbing and pulling, licking. Biting. Biting more, breathing hard into each other while you both feel each other get closer and closer ¬†but not wanting to stop. You whisper you want to get on top of his cock and push him onto the rug and mount him before he is barely on his back. This is where you want to cum. Covering his cock in your juice as you plunge and take him as deep as you can inside of you. His eyes roll ¬†backwards and no sound is being made, just the push and pull of your pussy taking all of him.. The ride starts to rise and an orgasm so rich and thick falls on top of you and forces you to sit backwards on his cock and scream……tears of pleasure form in your eyes and you roll through an intense ride of joy…..you sigh…. and keep stroking him as your orgasm starts to rest…he reaches up to touch your breast and pulls you into more kissing, slow languid strokes finish him and he fills your pussy with a wet load that drips over his cock and out the corners of your pussy.

Your cup of coffee is cold now… and you dip that one last bite of cookie and start your day.


c is for cookie

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