How long have you been sleeping with my husband?

Was not the phone call I was expecting to get that afternoon while I was prepping for service in the basement of the restaurant. I had answered the phone because I recognized the number and always loved to hear from chef.  If only I had known that is was her. She was angry and blaming me for ruining her marriage.. ” how long have you been sleeping with him? do you have no respect for yourself? do you not know about our family?!” The worst part was, I had not been sleeping with him…… I had fallen into a place where I had love for this person but never do I want to be that woman. I put down my knife and spoke calmly to this woman and told her the truth. I have never slept with your husband, I do care for him and I am very mindful not to get involved with him, so I am sorry.

I can take the blame if you need to put it somewhere…..

She left me with this…

What makes you think, he won’t do this to you?

I was upset and surprised… I had been speaking with chef more and according to him, he was single.. had been separated for a while now.

And so they were separated.

Our romance started out simply enough. He took me somewhere I had always wanted to go and it was the first time we shared a bed. A beautiful old city, tons of smells, lights and colours overwhelmed my senses and I was scared. I was scared to be touched by this person intimately. It had been so many years of being close but so far away from each other that I was not sure what to expect but than as we were walking the streets of this ancient city, I remembered the artichoke……

The first time I saw you standing in the kitchen, you were barely moving. You would turn your head gently from side to side to communicate with the cooks and I don’t know if you ever raised your voice above a whisper. Your gentle ways brought people to you. They would lean in closer to catch every word making sure the wisdom dripping off of your lips was not missed. It was my first time in a professional kitchen and I was very nervous. I wanted to impress and do well but had limited skills and experience. I watched your hands as you cleaned artichokes.. they moved so effectively and so smooth that the petals of the artichokes fell from your hands like a glass of water, fluid and steady. I was mesmerized and felt a great sense of calm come over me. This man, is going to care for me. I know that to be true.

Chef peeled me out my clothes the same way later that evening, running his hands all over my body and gently tilting my head back to kiss me for the first time. A barrier had been crossed and he had the chance to take what he wanted. He took all of me. Laying me back and fucking me like I was the last person he would fuck. A voracious appetite for my pussy he wanted me to grind all over his mouth while he drank my juice as if he had never drank in his life. This man, this chef ate me like the ripest piece of fruit and would not stop until he had his fill. Long tongue licks, flicking my clit and shoving his fingers deep inside of me. I came so many times and kept covering him with me. I woke up the next day, thirsty and hungry for more.

And so, this is how we were. A private trip here, a weekend of fucking and eating and drinking and playing and loving each other. Deep conversations, tears, laughter and joy mixed with longing, desire and passion. This was a recipe that was destined to take time. A long stewing of all of these things felt to turn into more. We spoke often, even though we were far apart and it was comforting to me to know you there, right beside me even if you could not be. I didn’t know when or how, but I felt that someday we would find a way to be closer to each other.

I woke up from a dream, not long ago and in it, Chef had fallen in love with another woman. I woke up in tears and thought to myself, that is crazy, how could you cry over a dream like that. I called chef and told him… I had this crazy dream last night, I dreamt you fell in love with someone…

Charlotte, I was waiting to tell you. I’ve met someone.






How Long have you been Sleeping with my Husband

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