The milk has been sitting outside in a white bucket, as cold as the winter air. Its 11 am and my longing for a second cup of coffee has me moving to the stove to boil a pot of water. A quick click of the stove, a whiff of gas and the pot is placed waiting to boil. Grinding fresh beans, they go into the plunging coffee pot. I walk to the side door and gather the bucket of ice cold milk and pour a tall glass for myself. Cold as snow, creamy and rich.. A sourness that tastes of fresh lemon and green grapes. This delicious liquid fills my mouth as I a greedily gulp it back. Pouring the rest of the milk into a large earthen pot I use just for this, I heat the milk to 36 degrees, very very slowly. The temperature has to be just so for the proper separation from fat and milk. The water has come to a boil and I pour the hot water over the freshly ground beans. It will sit and steep for a few minutes. Carefully, I stir the milk until the temperature has been reached, I turn on a small cream extractor and start pouring in ladle after ladle of the milk. It whirrs and spins and starts to froth. The skim milk comes out warm on one side and the cream comes out the other side. I dip my spoon into the cream and slowly put it to my mouth. There is no other experience like this. The liquid silk coats your tongue and the inside of your cheeks and you are hit with flavours so subtle yet so intense my nipples get hard every single time. Tingling sensations run down my back and my entire body is covered in goosebumps. The pure ecstasy of 60% cream has me soaking wet and I put my hand to my pussy and slowly start stroking up and down. Just enough to tease my clit and harden it in my fingers. A deep slow sigh comes out my mouth and I press my fingers deeper into me. Grinding against my hand, my pussy is dripping and I’m dipping in and out, in and out until, flicking my small hard clit with my other hand I start to cum. A wave like the ocean rushes from inside of me and I cum, I cum hard. Grabbing the counter with my wet fingers, I steady myself, grab the spoon and scoop 4 big dollops of freshly frothed milk foam and settle in with my coffee and bath for the afternoon.

60% Cream aka the Afternoon Off

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