Two people are in love and also in lust

Unable to achieve their greatest carnal pleasures, they don there coats and boots and struggle against the winds to settle their thoughts and loins. He is Strong in body as well as heart, while she is quick to drama and passionate actions. Normally, they would not know each other but it was meant to be.

He grasps her gloved hand with firm fingers and leads her on the snow covered path of his childhood. Here is his tumbling ground where he would jump from great heights to unknown depths and end up with wet socks and torn pants. As he leads her through the winding path, she has visions of him as a young boy, curly short dark locks, smiling eyes, tender skin. She wishes she could have been with him than, all the cajoling and excitement of pre pubescent children. Fingertips and mouths touching, exploring, not knowing what ultimate pleasure this could one day bring.

She wants him now, he senses a glance from her and it confirms his own longings

A clearing a head reveals fallen and erect pine trees, The smells of animals and cold red fruit is around them. He pushes her against a tree and unbuttons her jacket at her neck. His warm lips against the warm flesh of her neck causes her to moan. How she loves the touch of his soft sweet lips. She is ready and yields quickly to his gentle caressing. She licks along his jawline and sucks his earlobe into her mouth tenderly. She knows this turns him on. They cant help but grope and push each all over the tree, almost fighting to give each the most pleasure. He grabs her, turns her around and bends her over a fallen pine, the snow is melting and dripping down her back heightening the anticipation of his beautiful cock.

He enters from behind and pushes his gleaming penis into hew wet cunt, they both sigh in relief and she lets out a guttural groan. Belabouring and grunting behind her he pushes harder and deeper into her, the orgasms start rippling through her body as the pine sap clings to her tender skin. She screams into the forest, all the pleasure of the world is through his cock.

he takes in a deep breath and fills her completely with his semen, she drinks it in, loves it saves it craves it. they pause for a moment before he pulls out, enjoying the closeness. He licks the snow and sweat off the small of her back and pulls her to him. They kiss as lovers. They are love.

The Romantic Rework/written 2006/A day in the Woods