I was dreading salsa fest

big bbq outside, drunk crazy mambo dancers, lots of dirty bathrooms and low food sales. Not a chefs dream.

and there you were, you told me to use and instead of but, I like that. Why you were wearing a cowboy hat I do not know but I thought you were kind and funny so we exchanged numbers. Maybe just to have a coffee sometime, maybe something more. who knows. I had been on a single streak for awhile, since I moved to Toronto actually and i thought, why the hell not, ask this guy out for a drink or dinner or something. Quick text asking you out, you said yes! of course, when?

the next day you were at my restaurant for dinner with a friend.

I cooked for you, you said you could taste it in my hands. Hands that I hoped would soon be in your pants touching your cock. After dinner, I went to the bar to say hello and thanks to you for coming, you wanted to go on a date that night. I cleaned the kitchen fast, ran out basically, and waited for you to come back and get me.

you held open the door like a gentleman, something you still are doing.

we went to a bar that my friends own, it was fun and we bumped into a few people that I knew, I just wanted to talk to you. Be with you. Chat with you. You’re energy is contagious. We laughed and smoked too many cigarettes. But it didn’t matter, it was too much fun. When we left, you wanted to know where I wanted to go. You’re house, but no sex, we just met. Was that the night you stripped me naked and carried me up the stairs? Growling into my pussy. it may have been.

I need to skip ahead to last night, its something I dont want to forget.

I cooked all day for you at my home, massaging ribs, delicately cooking eggs to make you deviled eggs, something I didnt know you liked so much. Peeling brussel sprout leaves, roasting pears with butter and honey to make a warm crumble for you to sink your teeth into. I reveled in making something I knew you would love. swaying with you in your kitchen with a cocktail in hand turned me on so much. I wanted to take your cock in my mouth. I made you touch my pussy, it was freshly shaven ( waxing comes next) you made that sound that I love, it comes from somewhere deep inside of you, guttural groans. you kept touching me, than dropped to your knees and started licking me. up and down, my fresh pussy started to juice in your mouth. take his pants off, taste him, is all I can think of.

I need your help for a minute to loosen your belt and buttons, but than its all mine to feast on. ( ribs are slowly smoking on your bbq while we taste each other as an appetizer)

A few days before you said you thought of me fucking you on your couch, back to you, you watching my ass as I plunge and rub your cock inside of me. we made that happen last night. I think the moment that you picked me up on your cock and whispered I got you, dont worry, that was it. It was sexy, beautiful and hot all at the same time. Put your arms around my neck, I wont let you fall.

I fell, but in a different way

touch my nipples, bite me, spank me, carry me up the stairs and have your way with me. You turn me on and make me so wet, why would I ever want this to stop. You also listen to me. and remember things I have said. I like this.

I want come to cum all over your cock and sob with the pure pleasure of holding onto it inside of me. Will you flip me over and take me from behind, telling me how youre going to put youre cock in my ass someday and to get me there spend hours licking and kissing my pussy and ass. put one finger in and keep it there till im ready to feel your cock fill me up. Im dehyrdatred by you. I love it. Can we have a date again soon please. This is fun. I like this, thank you salsa fest