Imagine bumping into someone you used to be completely in love with in the middle of small town Ontario. you haven’t seen this person in almost ten years and they still have that smiling twinkle in there eye and those beautiful teeth that always smiled at you in the hallways. Sigh, what a babe

After a quick hey hows it going what are you doing here what an coincidence! we decided to have dinner together a few days later.

Guy called me a day or two before we were about to get together and offered to cook an elaborate meal at his home instead of going out. He also had a surprise for me. This was looking like it could be a good reunion of old friends.

i finished work and headed out to his place. he was living surprisingly close to where I was staying and it was actually funny how we had not bumped into one another sooner. I walk up to one of the largest homes I have ever been invited to and am immediately greeted at the door.

My surprise was standing in the kitchen with a bottle of champagne in his hands

it was Tom, my former lover who was guys best friend when we were all in college together.

Tom was my master for a period of time. He would chain me to the radiator in his bedroom, bare knees on the floor, chains attached around my waist held me close to the very warm radiator, sometimes he would dry his laundry there while I was chained up, not even look at me while he placed his worn wool socks dripping still, right in front of me. When I was a good girl, he would come to me and whip me lightly with a small leather tassle whip. the back of my thighs would be a light crimson. Never would he fuck me like that, just subtle touches of the whip.

When I was a very good girl. Tom would walk me to his bathroom, place me in the deep claw foot tub and chain my wrist to the taps. That is when he would shave me.

Lots and lots of lather, the smell of sandalwood and frankinsense would fill the air. I was always intoxicated by that smell. The smell of wet wood.

Starting at the top he would slowly and gently shave my pussy, exposing the small beauty mark I hid away with pleasure, awaiting when it would be exposed by his sharp blade. He would squeeze and tickle my clit while he would shave me, rolling it around in his fingers like a piece of delicate silk.

I would swoon and beg for more.

How happy was I to see him standing there……….it had been awhile.

Both men, chefs. Both men Matured and experienced since I had last seen them.

The meal began

small bites of japanese inspired toro, fresh and roasted plums, roasted seaweed and thin crisps of sesame crunch. Drizzled in white soy and followed by a cold glass of saki. I felt pleasure running all through my body,

The second thing I was treated to was cold Lobster dipped in a warm clarified butter, Indian in style and dipped in a light madras curry. so sweet, so spicy so delicate.

I took a quick break and asked for the ladies room,

“right through that door, the left one ”

I walked into a grotto……… full of trees and a huge pool and a very accomodating looking hot tub. I was quickly followed by both tom and guy..

“the next course is for us, and will be served on the tiles of this room”

“take your clothes off”

I did as I was told, I remembered my former masters particularities and I stripped the way he liked, fast….ripping at my clothes almost as though I would rather them tear than take them off properly.

he smiled

good girl he said

Laying me down on the tiles, they both started from the bottom up, licking the tops of my feet, the subtle arch that kept my back straight and my ass thrown out high. This was a feast of the senses and they wanted every part of my body to be satisfied. I started almost purring from the constant rubbing and licking and kissing of my entire body. I was half carried half dragged along the wet tiled floor to a door, steam expanded out quickly.

there was a bottle of champagne on the tile floor inside that room. I crawled towards it, popped it open and started to pour it all over my body, capturing it in the small crevices all over me. I beckoned to them both and invited them to lap the small pools of chilled liquid off of my body. The steam enveloped us and we swam together in a pool of sensual vibrations. The first time I felt tom place himself inside of me I started coming almost right away, that long slow build up of desire and pensivity couldn’t hold back any longer.

Guy grabbed my nipples with both hands and manipulated them with just enough pressure to lengthen my pleasure.

The tiled floor was wet with me. wet with them, wet with the steam of our lust.

I had always craved Guys cock and was so excited to finally have the chance to touch it and worship it the way I knew he would be satisfied. He was a blond, long and blond. Cut and very large. The steam from the sauna had his cock glistening and shiny. I licked the salty beads off of him languidly there was no rushing in our pleasure together. he filled my mouth completely and i stroked him with a delicate force. He groaned and came, he came with a force i was not expecting. Filling my mouth and more, it dribbled down my lips and onto my chin. he kissed me lovingly and swirled his tongue through the beautiful cum that was still fresh on my tongue. Than he made a decision, a choice to take me all for himself. With a quick twist, I was over his shoulder and he was carrying me to a soft bed. We came together, twisting sheets in our hands and throwing ourselves in the game of love making.

Tom watched us for a while and than understood it was our time together, he had already possesed me once. Now it was time to share.

We slept little that night. He fulfilled the dream I had of him and more. Sweet salty skin he bit into with those perfect teeth and smliing eyes…..


The Buffet