Once upon a time there was a chocolate cake. This was not just any other chocolate cake, this cake was unique. Anywhere it was placed, it would draw beautiful women to him.

C was baked for the first time 25 years ago, he smelled of roasted cacao, juicy vanilla and salted french butter, his bait was subtle, yet effective. He was soft in texture but strong in presence. A toothsome outer layer that gave way to something so moist it almost disappeared in your mouth. C was glancing around him at his new surroundings. A small french kitchen, neat and tidy, all white tiles and a dark and knotted wooden prep table with a small wooden bench alongside, this is where he was resting.

In walked a girl from the floor, she came in because she could smell something so delicious, so desirable she couldn’t help herself.

“Who are you?”, she asks.

C looked at her, her long smooth legs, her crisp service apron, her clean white blouse with tiny pearl buttons, open just enough to show the gradual curve of her taut young breasts. He invited her to come closer and she did with only a little hesitance, more of a slow walking tease than anything. Her hips loosened as she came close to C. She knew what she wanted, she couldn’t control the flush that was now coming to her cheeks. He watched her come to him. She slipped her leg over the bench and pulled up her skirt, just enough as to give him a view of her sweet shining pussy. Standing over him now, she sighed out loud and her head dropped back as it escaped her mouth. The warm, very warm steam coming from C was rolling up her thighs and brushing along her lips. Soft moans were leaving her mouth as she brought her one ivory hand to touch herself. Softly she stroked one finger up and down her slit, just enjoying the feeling of warmth she found there. Mingled with the scent of toasted Vanilla and cacao a more pungent seashore scent became present. C could see a gentle froth forming all around her pussy and he revelled in the sight of her pleasure. Touching her sweet little clit, she started to gently massage it in short swift circles. As she did this her tone dropped and a more growl like sound began emanating from somewhere deep inside of her. She rotated her hips around and around over C and he was mesmerized, almost in a trance watching her sway and circle above him. The speed increased of her touches and she brought her second hand to intensify the pressure on her pussy. Her hips, now bucking over him, she started to cum. A slow wave washed over and through her and beads of her sweet nectar dripped like dew onto Cs’ face. It slid down her thighs and bathed them in a sheer glow of pleasure. Tears came to her eyes as she melted into the final few moments of one of the most powerful orgasms she ever experienced at her own hand. Moving her hands away she massaged every last drop of her into her things and her pussy, shuddering through the last wave. She licked her fingers clean, smiled gently at C and left him. Her first bite, and all she wanted now was more.



Chocolate Cake