Something happened to me a few years ago.

I started wanting to fuck jewish men.

One in particular. He was tall, very tall.  Ginger hair that was cut very trim, rectangular glasses and a steady gaze.  He talked loudly and with many gestures.  I felt that he was full of big ideas from the moment we met.  He was standing on the line but recreating the image of the carrots that were in his hands, under his blade. He was taking their life with care. He knew the story of their birth, the struggles they went through and the type of soil they loved the most.  It had to be wet, cold and carry enough clay to cling to its fresh flesh. I liked this  romantic story that he told and played with him and his words a little longer.

Every so often, you meet someone that has that truth in them, the strong confidence that you know will come through. I wanted to meet this man half way and see what he was made of.

It was late fall, and Halloween was coming up. A few of us had planned a bit of a party and I asked if he would like to come. I knew he would come. He was going to cum. There was a bit of a tease with  this party. It was a masquerade. Here is where I could play out my fantasy of being discovered, chased and lured by a sweet young man whom I hoped discarded his innocence at the door, the same way I envisioned pulling my panties down and shoving them in his mouth to keep him quiet. How could I not want to engage that power play. Play is exactly what he had in mind.

A thin grey suit and dark grey mask was his look. He walked slowly and carefully into the space.  Looking around, he assessed the environment and melted into the crowd. I mingled and poured drinks, spread snacks and made chit chat with the guests, just waiting for the opportunity to get him alone.  I went up the stairs to the second floor and was approaching the bathroom when his hands came out of nowhere, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me towards him, my ass to his cock. His hard hands ran over my smooth curves and he traced my body firmly. He grabbed and kneaded what was available through the tight fabric. He put his face along side mine and pushed my head to the left, slowing dragging his fingertips down my neck. One slow lick the other way back up and a whisper that he would find me again. A bit of a push away and he returned to the crowd.

The second time was while I was pouring a glass of bubbles. My hands were preoccupied with the task and he dropped a napkin behind me on the floor. Bending over, he picked it up and traced his finger up the back of my leg, stopping just behind my knee to tickle that little hollow.

He had me so tuned in to waiting for him now. I closed my eyes and tried to find him in the room with his scent. I licked my lips with my eyes still closed and than I felt him. I could hear his breath close to my ear and he whispered it was time to come with him. He took me by my hand and led me out of the party and out the front door.

He had just moved into a new place and it happened to be very close to mine. He stopped suddenly, turned to me and pulled my mouth to his. His hot tongue darted into my mouth as he lapped up my excitement.  I was ready to do whatever he wanted. He opened the door to his place and pushed me on the floor.

Sit there, and wait.

he returned with a long thin golden chain. This he placed around my wrist .  Next to a chair there was a ring on the wall, this he looped the chain through.  I stood there, wet and wanting him. He slowly started peeling off my clothes, all the while staring me straight in the eye.  He held my breasts in his hands and licked my nipples, a slight bite, ever so gentle. He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my hair back. Yanked it backwards and started kissing and licking my neck. He moaned into my neck. I reached out to touch his hardening cock and for a brief moment, I felt it rise. He knew what I wanted. I stood there, held to the wall with the suggestion of restraint, naked and wet, dripping, wanting more. He offered me his cock, ever so slowly pulling it out to show me. It was thick, hard and cut. I knelt to take it in my mouth and could not hold back much longer. All the way in, to the back of my throat. I wanted it. I grabbed it with both hands and held it in front of my mouth like a huge prize. It had such a nice shape to it, almost to big to put my mouth around.

Enough of this, I want to feel inside of you. He pulled me down on top of his cock and I slowly took it to the hilt. I melted  all over his cock  as I rode up and down, back and forth. I took it in deeper and deeper. I closed my eyes, grabbed it hard and pulled on him with my pussy. He growled at me and held my ass while I started to shake violently all over his cock. My first orgasm rocked my body like lightning and threw me into spasms. I screamed. I gasped. I opened my eyes. He was looking at me, smiling.

He flipped me over, and put me on my hands and knees. He slapped my ass with his big thick cock and slowly started inching into me. He started talking to me. Do you like when I fuck you like this? How does this cock feel inside of you? Do you want more……..

All I could say was yes, yes. Please fill me with your thick cock. He fucked me….. he kept fucking me. Deep pounding motions until I started to weep with pleasure. A bigger, deeper orgasm started to build and as he kept plunging into me, I could feel his cock swell even more.  He pushed down on the small of my back with both hands and let go a stream of hot cum inside of me. I broke into my own wave of pleasure as tears rolled down my face. The joy would not stop inside of me. He pulled out, stood up and picked me up in his arms.

Don’t think we are done. We are just getting started


And than there was Jew..

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